BlackCap capping is a revolutionary new product with a multitude of applications that will be "The Game Changer" for cow lanes, tanker/farm roads, and silage pads. It’s also perfect for rural roads, road stabilization, walking tracks for Government and private areas, and mountain bike tracks.

  • Hardwearing 
  • Water resistant
  • Non-slippery
  • Similar properties to laid asphalt
  • Can be used within hours of application
  • Laid in wet or dry conditions
  • Lighter than all comparable products in the market across BlackCap's field of uses

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BlackCap Videos

  • Dairy Lane Construction and Farmer Interview

  • Infrastructure Steep Incline Roading with unprocessed BlackCap

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BlackCap Users Feedback

  • Cows prefer and walk on faster
  • Smooth to drive on
  • Hard as concrete
  • Superior to all other cow cappings available
  • Stays perfect under volumes of truck useage
  • No fines pick up in the wet
  • Performs the same in winter as summer
  • Not slippery in the wet
  • Maintenance free

BlackCap Costs by Area for Farm Lanes/Tracks

Price per m2 to be supplied, transported and laid ready for farm use. Excludes machinery establishment fee or preparation works if required.

  • Oxford  $4.65
  • Darfield  $4.65
  • Dunsandel $5.40
  • Leeston $6.07
  • Winchmore $7.15
  • Culverden  $8.44
  • Rangiora $5.32
  • Methven $6.23
  • Rakaia $6.07
  • Tinwald $7.36
  • Pendarves $6.69

Multitude of uses

  • Cow lanes
  • Tanker Tracks
  • Road Stabilisation
  • Silage Pads
  • General Rural Roads
  • Footpaths
  • Incline Roads/Driveways
  • Mountain Bike Tracks
  • Feed Pads
  • Walking Tracks

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