BlackCap capping is a revolutionary new product with a multitude of applications that will be "The Game Changer" for cow lanes, tanker/farm roads, feedlots and silage pads. Farmers are commenting that when their cows come to areas of BlackCap the cows literally start to run on the lane and there is only minor excrement seen.  Cement stabilization for feedlots within 45 metres of the milking platform to MPI requirements is currently being trialled with a high level of favourable results.  As on average it is a per square metre 23% cost of using concrete to form your feedlot base.

  • Hardwearing 
  • Water resistant
  • Non-slippery
  • Similar properties to laid asphalt
  • Increased Safe Braking Level in dry and wet conditions
  • Dust creation reduced to almost zero
  • Self Stabilising
  • Pothole Free
  • Cement Stabilization
  • Laid in wet or dry conditions
  • Lighter than all comparable products in the market across BlackCap's field of uses

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BlackCap Videos

  • Dairy Lane Construction and Farmer Interview

  • Infrastructure Steep Incline Roading with unprocessed BlackCap

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BlackCap Users Feedback

  • Cows prefer and walk on faster
  • Smooth to drive on
  • Hard as concrete
  • Superior to all other cow cappings available
  • Stays perfect under volumes of truck useage
  • No fines pick up in the wet
  • Performs the same in winter as summer
  • Not slippery in the wet
  • Maintenance free

“We laid BlackCap on our farm in Golden Bay the last 2 seasons
and it’s totally transformed our dairy lanes, both exit and entry
lanes. Lame cows have dramatically reduced over the whole season. We have a crazy high rainfall and the lane does not shift at all. It just cleans if for you. 800ml in 2 days this season didn’t
effect it at all. Highly recommend the BlackCap product.”
- Hayden Otten, Golden Bay

“Summer 2020 we capped all our cow lanes and vehicle tracks, perfect timing because conditions have been wetter than average since. An ideal test for BlackCap performance and durability.
Our sharemilker Andy Lapping and
his team love the tracks because cow lameness is almost non-existent, cow flow is excellent all year, even in wet conditions. Smooth track for all vehicles; BlackCap is making the difference.”
- Mike Dewhirst (1850 Cow Dairy in Greendale, Canterbury


Multitude of uses

  • Cow lanes
  • Tanker Tracks
  • Road Stabilisation
  • Silage Pads
  • General Rural Roads
  • Footpaths
  • Incline Roads/Driveways
  • Mountain Bike Tracks
  • Feed Pads
  • Walking Tracks

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